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23 years old. Melbourne born and bred. Loves black and white. But also loves pale pink and bright green. Just read  ︎Recollections of My Non-Existnece  by Rebecca Solnit. Just ordered the latest copy of ︎Spike. Saturday’s are spent at a gallery or drinking coffee and window shopping. Later comes the gin. It all began with Microsoft Paint. Swiftly followed by Microsoft Publisher. Too many posts saved on Instagram. ︎Bakar on repeat. Wondering if I should start listening to audiobooks? Or is that a cop out? Trying to get into yoga again. We’ll see.

Things I do: typeset really well, make things look pretty, research, choose ︎good music, direct the art, drink lots of water, web design, listen, style & snap, walk everywhere, write 
copy with sarcastic undertones (don’t @ me), scribble, read, and sometimes make content for the ‘gram (the 21st century is weird).

︎Email me! I have an email signature now. Please let me give it a whirl.

Frankly mostly inactive, but the IG: ︎@play_____ground 

This is a playground for experiment, collaboration, trial and error.

This is a WIP.